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Top 10 Ranked Retro Football Shirts of this Summer

Best Shirts 16 9 Top 10 Ranked Retro Football Shirts Of This Summer

As the summer rolls in, football fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the unveiling of new football kits. While modern designs often grab the spotlight, retro football shirts hold a special place in the hearts of many. These vintage-inspired jerseys not only evoke nostalgia but also celebrate the rich history of the beautiful game. In this article, we present this summer’s top 10 ranked retro football shirts, combining style, heritage, and timeless appeal.

Liverpool 1982-1984 Home Shirt

The iconic Liverpool 1982-1984 home shirt tops our list with its classic design and historical significance. This retro kit captures the essence of Liverpool’s dominant era and pays homage to legendary players like Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush. The bold red color and the club crest and sponsor details make it a must-have for any Liverpool fan.

Brazil's 1970 World Cup Shirt

The Brazil 1970 World Cup shirt is an emblem of footballing excellence. This retro kit is a tribute to the Brazilian national team’s historic triumph, showcasing the yellow and green colors synonymous with their success. The simplicity of the design, featuring the iconic “Swoosh” chest pattern and the number 10, makes it an instant classic.

Barcelona 1992 European Cup Final Shirt

Barcelona’s 1992 European Cup Final shirt holds a special place in the hearts of Barça fans. This retro kit commemorates the club’s first-ever triumph in the prestigious tournament. The blue and claret stripes and the distinctive collar embody the spirit of Barcelona’s playing style during that era.

Italy 1982 World Cup Shirt

The Italy 1982 World Cup shirt celebrates Azzurri’s triumph in the tournament held in Spain. This retro kit showcases the classic blue, complemented by the Italian flag-inspired collar and cuffs. The unique number font and the embroidered crest make it a timeless representation of Italian football heritage.

Manchester United 1998-1999 Treble-Winning Shirt

The Manchester United 1998-1999 treble-winning shirt is synonymous with one of the greatest achievements in English football history. This retro kit features the iconic red and white design and the famous treble-winning patch. Reliving the glory of that remarkable season, this shirt is a must-have for any Red Devils supporter.

Argentina 1986 World Cup Shirt

The Argentina 1986 World Cup shirt celebrates the genius of Diego Maradona and the nation’s triumph in Mexico. This retro kit showcases the vibrant blue and white stripes and the famous number 10 on the back. The Argentina crest and the FIFA World Cup patch add to the nostalgia and historical significance.

AC Milan 1988-1989 Home Shirt

 The AC Milan 1988-1989 home shirt represents an era of dominance for the Italian giants. This retro kit features the iconic red and black stripes, capturing the essence of the Rossoneri. With the addition of the club crest and sponsor logo, this shirt encapsulates the spirit of AC Milan’s golden era.

Netherlands 1974 World Cup Shirt

The Netherlands’ 1974 World Cup shirt symbolizes the nation’s Total Football revolution. This retro kit showcases the vibrant orange color, representing Dutch pride. The unique V-neck collar and the iconic lion crest on the chest make it a standout choice for Dutch football fans and collectors alike.

Germany 1990 World Cup Shirt

The Germany 1990 World Cup shirt holds historical significance as it represents the reunification of East and West Germany. This retro kit features a classic white color with black, red, and gold accents. The embroidered national crest and the FIFA World Cup winners’ badge make it a cherished item for fans of Die Mannschaft.

Arsenal 1989 Title-Winning Shirt

The Arsenal 1989 title-winning shirt commemorates one of the most dramatic moments in English football history. This retro kit represents the Gunners’ triumph in the season’s final game against Liverpool. The iconic red shirt, featuring white sleeves and the Arsenal crest, takes fans back to that unforgettable night at Anfield.


Retro football shirts allow fans to relive the glory days of the beautiful game and showcase their love for their favorite clubs and national teams. This summer’s top 10 ranked retro football shirts bring together style, heritage, and timeless appeal. From Liverpool’s dominant era to Brazil’s World Cup triumph, these vintage-inspired jerseys capture the essence of footballing greatness. Whether you’re a passionate fan or a collector, these retro kits offer a unique opportunity to connect with the rich history and culture of the game we all love. So, don your favorite retro shirt and embrace the nostalgia as you cheer for your team this summer.



Q1 Can I wear retro football shirts during matches or official events?

Answer: While retro football shirts are popular among fans, it’s important to check the specific dress code or guidelines set by the event organizers or clubs. Some events may require fans to wear current team jerseys or official merchandise.

Q2 Are retro football shirts available for all clubs and national teams?

Answer: Retro football shirts are available for many clubs and national teams, especially those with rich histories. However, the availability may vary depending on the popularity and demand for a particular team’s retro kit.

Q3 Are retro football shirts replicas of the original designs?

Answer: Yes, retro football shirts are designed as replicas of the original kits worn by teams in the past. They aim to capture the essence and aesthetic of those iconic designs while incorporating modern manufacturing techniques and materials.

Q4 Can I customize retro football shirts with player names and numbers?

Answer: In most cases, retro football shirts can be customized with player names and numbers. However, checking with the supplier or manufacturer regarding customization options and any additional costs involved is essential.

Q5 Are retro football shirts limited edition or widely available?

Answer: Retro football shirts are usually produced in limited quantities, especially for older or rarer designs. However, higher demand may make popular retro kits more widely available. It’s recommended to check with retailers or online platforms specializing in retro football shirts for availability.

Q6 re retro football shirts suitable for everyday casual wear?

Answer: Absolutely! Retro football shirts have gained popularity as fashion statements and can be worn casually. They are often paired with jeans, shorts, or tracksuits to showcase one’s love for the game and favorite teams.

Q7 Are retro football shirts officially licensed?

Answer: The respective clubs or national teams officially license many retro football shirts. Officially licensed retro kits ensure authenticity and quality, as they are produced with the authorization and oversight of the team or governing body.

Q8 Can I find retro football shirts from specific eras or seasons?

Answer: Retro football shirts are often categorized based on specific eras or seasons. Whether looking for a vintage kit from the 1970s or a shirt worn during a championship-winning season, options suit various preferences.

Q9 How do retro football shirts differ from current team jerseys?

Answer: Retro football shirts differ from current team jerseys in design, logo placements, and often the absence of modern sponsor logos. They evoke a sense of nostalgia and capture the aesthetics of a bygone era, appealing to fans who appreciate the game’s history.

Q10 Can I find retro football shirts for teams that no longer exist?

Answer: Retro football shirts are also available for teams that no longer exist or have undergone significant changes. These vintage kits allow fans to celebrate the heritage and legacy of defunct or rebranded clubs, keeping their memories alive.

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